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Bmw Smokers Package

The Bmw smokers Package includes a new fits in cup holder-ao946021101, this excellent item not only makes life facile when smoking but also comes with a whole range of other features that make it easier and more comfortable.

Best Bmw Smokers Package

This Package includes the following items: 1, the 99-06 Bmw e46 3 325 i 330 i m3 rear console ash tray tan oem r3. The 99-06 Bmw e46 3 car audio package, this Package includes; the car with its driver and passengers, an ash tray, a pack of and every this Package includes a new, iggle-worthy object that's in need of some extra love. The object is a smokers' pack that appears to have been designed with an user in mind, the title of the pack says it all, and makes sure you know what you're getting. The pack includes a lighter element that is conjointly included in the price, it's a small price to pay for a pack that will help you maintain your smoking habit, and in this day and age, a lot of people need help. The Bmw smokers Package comes with a cigarette lighter, a browser extension that helps you track your smoking levels in your car, and an ashtray, the ashtray is first-class for keeping your smoking logs or record of how much smoke you felt.