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Vintage Bee Hive Smoker

If you're looking for an old-school smoker that will addandanthorn to your beekeeping scenes, then the vintage bee hive smoker is perfect! This little smoking area comes with a few accessories, including a smogarator and regulator, so you can add some firespray to your hive, keeping your bees healthy and happy. Plus, the antiqued metal and black finish will add a touch of luxury to any room. 99 at shopvintagebeest.

Vintage BEE HIVE SMOKER Bellow

Vintage Bee Hive Smoker Amazon

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Vintage Bee Hive Smoker Ebay

This is a very rare vintage dadant son bee smoker that is still in the good old days of being made in france. This smoker is still workable and can produce a good amount of smoke. It is a great buy at this price. this is a vintage primitive antique woodmanbee hive smoker working order. It is in working order and has a fewminor flaws. It is a great addition to an vintage bee-ware apiary. the dadant vintage bee hive smoker is a great tool for smoking your bees. The tin hot coals make it up to your bees and keep them hot. The leather bellows makes it easy to smoke your bees. It's a good tool for anyone who wants to keep their bees warm and healthy. this is a vintage bee smoker that is also a beehive keeper. This model is still in great condition and is for sale. It has a bellows, fogger, and smoker included. This would be a great tool for those looking to start beekeeping.