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Outers Hickory Smoker

This is a vintage Outers electric Hickory Smoker for smoking and curing fowl meat and fish, it is in like manner an exceptional Smoker for chicken. This Smoker uses 2 electric Hickory wheels to make it uncomplicated to move the meat and fish, the Outers Hickory Smoker provides been well-used by the owners who have used it for the pleasure of smoking fowl meat and fish. The Smoker also renders an automatic fire control that makes it basic to use.

Outers Electric Smoker 1008

The Outers electric Smoker is a best-in-class alternative to fire up a fire in your oven or microwave, it renders everything you need to go from smoke to meat in minutes, so you can't go wrong. With this Outers smoker, you can get your meat to final product up in no time, this owners manual is for the Outers Hickory Smoker the Outers is a vintage Outers electric Hickory Smoker that can smoke pelts of animals for smoking and curing. It as well peerless for fishing, the Smoker is again have a fishy smell to it. The Outers are classic electric Hickory Smoker that can be used for smoking and curing fowl meat, fish, and other small animals, it as well excellent for cooking. The Outers come in a variety of colors and styles.